We have performed several operations involving long-term income-generating commercial assets. The following are some of the projects we have developed.

Burger King | Corroios

The Burger King Corroios was inaugurated in December 2022, having a store area of 300 m2 with capacity for 203 people and free parking. Located 27 km from Lisbon, in Seixal, a Portuguese city where 20.9% of the companies incorporated in the Setubal peninsula are located.

Domino’s Pizza | Portimão

A Domino’s Pizza Portimão opened in November 2022, with a store area of 153 m². Located 66 km from Faro - capital of the Algarve - in Portimão, is a city with a great concentration of tourism and endowed with industrial poles with evolutionary capacity and services.

Burger King | Tagus Park

The Burger King Tagus Park was inaugurated in November 2022, it has a store area of 342 m² and free parking. Located 19 km from Lisbon, in Oeiras, is one of the most developed and wealthiest municipalities in Europe, and the 2nd largest municipality in terms of purchasing power and multinational diversity.

Leroy Merlin Expansion | Évora Retail

The expansion of the Leroy Merlin on Évora Retail Park occurred in September 2022 and, with this, the brand currently occupies an area of 5,905 m². It is located in Évora, this municipality is the economic center of the Alentejo region and occupies more than 1/3 of the country.

Domino’s Pizza | Cascais

The Domino´s Pizza Cascais was inaugurated in May 2022, having a store area of 200 m². Located 32 km from Lisbon, Cascais is one of the municipalities with great potential to increase business.

Burger King | Peniche

The Burger King Peniche was inaugurated in March 2022. Located in Peniche in the district of Leiria, is located 75 km from Lisbon. The municipality of Peniche has a long and rich history and is set on a peninsula full of sea. Burger King has a store area of 400 m² + 2 000 m² of free parking.

100 Montaditos | Oeiras

Located in the municipality of Oeiras, in the region with the second highest purchasing power in the country and with a large concentration of multinationals, stores, and universities, 100 Montaditos has a space of 146 m². The store was inaugurated in March 2022.

Aldi | Campo de Ourique

Located in the city of Lisbon and belonging to the Historic Center area of the capital, the store was inaugurated in October 2021 and has 856 m².

Pingo Doce | Madeira

Located in Câmara de Lobos, on the South Coast of the Madeira, the region is considered the second wealthiest in Portugal. Pingo Doce is located in the central area of the city and is only 15 minutes away from Funchal. The store has 1,313 m² and was acquired by Europar in 2021.

Mimed | Benfica

Inaugurated in 2021 on Benfica's main road, the Mimed is a network of medical clinics that provides health care in different areas. The space has 494 m².

Pizza Hut | Charneca da Caparica

The store was opened in July 2021 in the Lisbon metropolitan area, the Charneca da Caparica, this is a region that corresponds to about 35% of the municipality of Almada and has great growth potential in Portugal. The store has a total area of 1,036 m².

Prio | Moita

Inaugurated in June 2021 and located in the municipality of Moita, the gas station has an area of 2,207 m².

Burger King | Moita

The Burger King inaugurated the chain's first restaurant in the municipality of Moita at June 2021. The new space, with about 300 m², aims to strengthen the brand's presence in the Setúbal district, which now has 11 restaurants.

Apartments | Oeiras

Apartments T0, T0+1 and T1 equipped with stove, oven, water heater and air conditioning, inaugurated in 2021, located in the district of Lisbon, in the municipality of Oeiras, this is the region with the second highest purchasing power in the country and with a large concentration of multinationals.

Burger King | Oliveira de Azeméis

At November 2020 the 131st restaurant was inaugurated Burger King in Portugal, with an area of approximately 350 m². Oliveira de Azeméis is a city in the district of Aveiro and is located in the metropolitan area of Porto.

Burger King | Porto Alto

Inauguration of the store Burger King Porto Alto at September 2020. With the presence of Mr. Jorge Carvalho, responsible for the expansion area of Burger King Iberia, along with the Mayor of Benavente, Mr. Carlos Coutinho.

Pizza Hut | Oeiras

Located on Av. Embaixador Augusto Castro, municipality of Oeiras, it is the second municipality with the highest purchasing power in the country. It is one of the 96 Pizza Hut restaurants in Portugal and, one of the two stores present in Oeiras. The building was acquired and renovated by Europar in 2020.

Continente | Oeiras

Store inaugurated in 2020 with an area of approximately 695 m², located in the center of Oeiras.