Our assets are excellent investment options, as they combine very favorable conditions such as good locations and the opportunity for long-term leases for major brands. All our assets are legible for the acquisition of the Visa Gold. 

Retail Évora

Évora has 1 307,08 km2 of area and it's the economic center of the Alentejo region, which occupies more than 1/3 of the country, with 53 591 inhabitants. The economy is based on the tourist and service sector, but industry is also very present. The city prepares for receive numerous investments, as well as the modernization and renovation of several existing infrastructures in the city.

Lies at 133 km away from Lisbon and the 365 km from Porto..

Retail Moita

Moita is about 55,26 km2 of area, with 68 792 inhabitants and accessibility that is an asset in the positioning of this municipality in the região de Setúbal.

Lies at 39 km away from Lisbon and the 334 km from Porto